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Many services will be experiencing disruption at this time. Please contact them directly for further information.

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Care Nest Plymouth: 1-to-1 Complimentary Therapy Practice

The Care Nest is a safe and confidential care practice for individuals (aged 18+) that provides one-to-one sessions (in-person and online), using a combination of practices in life coaching, mediation, mindfulness, and body-mind integration. The purpose of these sessions are to help support each client as they journey through a rediscovery of greater self-understanding and self-resourcing in maintaining their own care practices in the long term.  

The type of trauma many of us are now experiencing on a daily basis as a direct result of the harms that surround us is currently being renamed as pervasive and persistent – it cuts us to the heart, and it’s non-stop. Grief, despair, anger, fear, exhaustion, frustration, loneliness – these are all becoming a part of our everyday lives. And we have a choice - that’s the good news - in how to meet these incredibly painful feelings, which is where the Care Nest comes in.  

Coming for a Care Nest session means stepping into a warm and cosy space that’s filled with blankets, pillows, and candles; in which you are invited to be seen, heard, and met as you are with kindness and compassion, whilst being supported to remain gently attentive and wisely responsive to your own needs and boundaries. At the heart of the practices offered in all Care Nest sessions lies a simple set of invitations – to slow down, to notice, to name, and to investigate. This journey is in no way an easy one – it takes courage, openness, honesty, and curiosity to fully meet who and how we are as humans. I know from direct experience of having walked this path myself.  In the words of Brene Brown, the Care Nest welcomes you to dare greatly ‘which means the courage to be vulnerable, it means to show up and be seen, to ask for what you need, to talk about how you’re feeling, to have the hard conversations’, and start your journey towards healing whilst resting in genuine care.


Contact Name
Helen Williams
Contact Position
Care Nest Wellbeing Facilitator
07584 635747
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The Plot,
80-84 Union Street
Toilet facilities
Toilet facilities for people with disabilities
Wheelchair accessible

Further information

Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£30 Per hour
£15 Per hour
Cost Details
£30ph (waged) / £15ph (low/unwaged)
Display Date/Time
Mon & Weds 11am - 7pm / Thurs & Fri 11am - 5pm
Waiting list?
DBS check?
(formerly CRB)
Additional needs details
Parking spaces can be found close by and often at no cost depending on the area (e.g. Manor Gardens, Manor Street).
Last updated: 29/06/2021
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