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Rehabilitation Officer for Visually Impaired Children (ROVIC) Service

A rehabilitation officer for visually impaired children (ROVIC) is qualified and proficient in their practice to assess, advise, create and deliver training programmes for babies, children and young people (0-18 years), who have significant visual difficulties impacting on how they reach and develop skills.

ROVICs assess the functional visual responses and behaviours of infants, children and young people. We encourage and monitor the developing functional abilities in relation to movement and independence, determining whether a visual difficulty is likely to impede access to or achievement of:

  • Inclusion, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Age appropriate independence and social interactions
  • Skillful, relaxed and safe orientation and mobility
  • Access and navigation within and around home, community and educational settings

Our assessments are child-centred, and offer practical advice, information and personalised training.

ROVICs promote understanding, confidence and independence of each individual’s visual and non-visual abilities so that they can:

  • Develop, progress and use vision to their fullest functional potential
  • Access and achieve orientation, mobility, navigation and movement
  • Be included and participate in interpersonal, organisational and daily living activities
  • Communicate and interact

We can also provide information relating to:

  • Care and support for deafblind children and young people as per the deafblind guidance
  • Benefits and concessions specific to visual impairment and registration status
  • Local and national resources, services, and provision available to children or young people who are visually or dual-sensory impaired
  • Advice and information for parents and carers
  • Awareness and training related to visual or dual-sensory impairment
  • Environmental audits relating to design, modifications and accessibility to settings and/or environments
  • Certification and registration of visual impairment

ROVICs have a statutory responsibility to maintain a registration/record database in relation to children and young people who are in receipt of a Certificate of Visual Impairment as part of our specialist assessment programme. The ROVIC service assessments aim to ensure that appropriate resources are recommended, and provided to children and young people presenting with visual impairment and or additional need.

Devon County Council uses a SEND flag to list services which define themselves as suitable for children and young people with SEND. These are part of Devon's SEND Local Offer. We recommend that you contact the service provider to make sure the service is suitable for your child or young person.


Contact Name
0330 0245 321
ROVIC Service
Parent Organisation
Devon County Council


Further information

Age range
0 years to 18 years
DBS check?
(formerly CRB)
Additional needs details
Our service operates across the whole of Devon and ROVICs conduct assessments at home and schools across the whole county. ROVICs additionally support Paediatric Ophthalmic eye clinics at hospitals across: Exeter Torbay Newton Abbot Barnstaple We also provide support to eye clinics based at local Special Schools.
Last updated: 10/10/2022
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