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Jane Anderson-Brown Music Lessons

Private music lessons in singing, flute, piano, saxophone, beginners clarinet and music theory.

Lessons can be shared (max 3 students) and the costs split.  Students can be prepared for examinations if they wish or simply to play for their own enjoyment.

Jane is a qualified classroom music teacher with a wide range of experience from Key Stage 2 to adult. She has run choirs and singing courses for adults as well as running school aged musical groups of all abilities.  She has also taught flute and clarinet in the classroom (wider opportunities scheme) and whole class/whole school singing including work for Sing-Up.  She worked in schools as a singing and songwriting leader for Wren Music on the 2019 Sing Around the Bay project.

Lessons in schools are normally 20 minutes long (cost £11) payable half termly, lessons at home are normally 30 minutes (cost £16 payable at the lesson).

Some lessons are offered in schools (currently Churston Grammar and Shiphay Learning Academy) other lessons may be offered at the home address, contact provider for details.  I have a number of students who are on the autistic spectrum and am able to offer a calm environment.  All lessons are paced to suit the learner, and I also have had success with adults who do not believe they can sing.

Lessons at home are in a dedicated space which is well ventilated and can be accessed with only a single step.  Lessons can also be offered out of doors (access vie steps).  A second keyboard is available for piano lessons.

Jane is also the Musical Director of Red Earth Opera.  She is a Torbay Music Hub Accredited Teacher.


Contact Name
Jane Anderson-Brown
07949 490120
Jane Anderson-Brown Music Lessons
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Walton House
14 Shorton Road
Toilet facilities

Further information

Contact provider for costs?
Age range
5 years to 99 years
Additional needs details
Access via a single step (outdoor lesson access has two sets of steps)
Last updated: 07/05/2021
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