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Aikido and Self Defence Torquay

SELF DEFENCE (Atemi Jutsu)

Improve your confidence, self control, well being and fitness by learning how to defend yourself.

Based on a foundation of traditional techniques from Jujitsu, Karate and Aikido updated for today's world. 

Students are taught to defend themselves against all manner of attacks: punches, kicks, head butts, grabs, strangles, knives, sticks, guns, multiple attackers. Students are put in scenarios and taught how to manage conflict, using force as a last resort. Students are also taught what the law allows them to do i.e. use of reasonable force.

Students initially learn techniques by working co-operatively with a partner. As their skill grows a student's ability to apply techniques against unco-operative partners is developed. Further ability is developed by students learning to defend themselves against an unknown attack, weapons and multiple attackers.

Atemi Jutsu has been used as a system of self defence for over 50 years in the UK and Australia and students can study, grade and eventually earn a black belt as in other traditional martial arts.


Aikido was developed from traditional jujitsu by Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei) during the 20th Century and is now one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Aikido should develop a student's spirit as much as their physical body and should be seen as more a way of training and living.

Students generally train co-operatively with partners, alternating between the role of attacker and defender. Techniques are based on joint locking or 'throwing'. Particular emphasis is placed on avoiding the use of physical force, enabling smaller, weaker people to throw much larger attackers. Attackers are taught to follow a defenders technique in practice, protecting them selves from injury and learning a valuable life skill. Most students have never been attacked but most have used their defensive skills to save them selves from injury when falling! People can practice together whatever their age or gender, with many practitioners training actively into their 70s. 

The club's style was originally developed over 50 years ago, when Aikido was introduced into the UK. Today the club is recognised by the British Aikido Board, with a BAB qualified coach, who also maintains links with our Aikido association in the UK; in Japan and in Australia (where our style's senior teacher is based) and who regularly trains at other clubs in England, Japan and Australia.


We run a juniors martial arts class (ages 6 - 13), once a week, to develop children's confidence, co-operation, respect, health and fitness. Budo is ideal for developing children socially. Students are taught elements of karate, judo and aikido in a safe, structured and fun way. 




Contact Name
Simon Brades
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Chief Instructor
07727 285959
Aikido and Self Defence in Torquay
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All Saints Church Hall
Bamfylde Road
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