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Community gathering for women in Dawlish and Teignmouth areas

Weaving wellbeing at a new women's community gathering meeting - please get in touch for details of where we are meeting as it might be on the beach through the Summer months!

“Everybody is a story. When I was a child, people sat around kitchen tables and told their stories. We don't do that so much anymore. Sitting around the table telling stories is not just a way of passing time. It is the way the wisdom gets passed along. The stuff that helps us to live a life worth remembering.” ― Rachel Naomi Remen

Now inviting new members for a women's wellbeing community in the Dawlish, Teignmouth and surrounding areas with monthly gatherings meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. Our next meeting is 12th June 2018 and will be at 7pm.

At our first meeting we were joined by an inspiring local singer/song writer who shared her songs and sonic lyrical alchemy.

Our theme was trauma and transformation and for our next couple of meetings we are exploring how we want to give shape and form to the group and what other themes we would like to talk about.

Come and join us to co-create a nourishing, inspiring, self-sustaining community where our stories and wisdom can be shared and heard, where we can be met by others, cultivate resilience, wellbeing and awareness so that it oozes out into our daily lives, to our friends and loved ones and the wider world.

Into the wild, into the sacred, into the deep inner love


Contact Name
07976 646392


The Studio (Lower floor, White building)
Barton Hill Car park

Further information

Display Date/Time
2nd Tuesday of each month: 7.00pm
Age range
26 years to 64 years
Last updated: 24/05/2018
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