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Access Success - Dyslexia Assessment

How to request a dyslexia assessment for children and adults?

There are various ways to request a dyslexia test for children, although it can sometimes be a frustrating process particularly for parents.  The first step is to meet the child’s teacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) to discuss the concerns and any support that may have been tried already.

If the child continues to have difficulties despite having additional support, ask for him/her to be referred for a dyslexia assessment by the local authority, or obtain a private dyslexia assessment with a specialist teacher in order to gain a full diagnostic report with recommendations for the school.

It takes considerable courage for adults to request a dyslexia assessment because the person is fully aware of their difficulties and the thought of having them highlighted could be daunting and nerve-racking.  However, a diagnosis may provide a reason for underachievement at school and for his/her chosen career path.  Consequently, for adults, it can be a huge relief to find an explanation for their reading and writing difficulties.  As a result of a full diagnostic assessment, a workplace needs assessment may be requested to assess their requirements at work.  Often the use of assistive technology is recommended and enables individuals to read and write more easily.


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