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Information and guidance

Medical and hospital transport

This section contains details of businesses and voluntary groups, who provide transport for people with long term conditions, such as cancer, and the elderly. Transport is provided to hospital and GP appointments as well as local shops. There are also services to help collect prescriptions. Other…

Memory cafe

Memory Cafes are places where people with dementia and their carers can meet socially, share stories, and just enjoy themselves.

Mental health

Find services that offer support to people experiencing mental health problems. 

Mobility equipment

This section contains details of businesses and charities that sell/ provide mobility and hearing equipment to aid independent living, including those accredited by Devon Community Equipment Service. 

Money matters

Here you will find a list of organisations that will help you if you want help with money matters and budgeting, or if you have concerns about pensions or the benefits that you may be entitled to. There is also guidance on Direct Payments and…

Music, Dance and Drama

Find music, dance or drama classes in your area.

NHS services

Find NHS services such as GP's, dentists and specialist services.

Nursing homes

This section contains details of Nursing homes in Devon. These homes offer accommodation and personal care for people who may not be able to live independently, with the addition of 24 hour medical care from a qualified nurse. Some homes specialise in caring for particular groups…

Online safety

If you are using the internet you need to think about staying safe online. The services listed will support you and your family to use the internet responsibly.
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