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Information and guidance

Trading standards

This section provides sources of support for when you are buying goods or services.  The Devon and Somerset Trading Standards website contains information for businesses on how to trade safely and legally. The Buy with Confidence scheme can help you to find an approved trader…


This section contain information about individuals and services who offer training courses. These may be to help you developing new skills for work/pleasure, or perhaps for gaining or improving qualifications such as Maths or English.


This section contains details of individual tutors, as well as some links to agencies/websites that list tutors.  Tutors usually offer 1-1 training, which may be in their home, or in the student's home. Tutors often offer support around academic subjects, such as English, Maths, or…

Voluntary car scheme

This section contains details of voluntary car schemes which operate in several parts of Devon. These schemes are where car owners give up their time to drive people who do not have their own transport, often to attend medical appointments. They usually only charge a…

Young carers

Find support and things to do for young carers. Meet other carers and make new friends.

Youth Clubs

A youth club is a fun place to hang out and listen to music, chat and make friends in a safe place.  
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