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Eating well is an important factor in maintaining good health. If you have difficulty preparing or cooking meals and you do not have a friend, relative or neighbour available to help, here are some suggestions you may like to consider:

  • Private local suppliers – specialist suppliers of frozen ready meals have a wide choice of menus and will deliver direct to your home.  Many supermarkets and shops stock a good selection of frozen meals, and some cafes, pubs, restaurants and care homes offer meals which they may be able to deliver to your home.
  • Lunch Clubs – if you would like to meet other people at a lunch club or social club we can tell you about clubs near to where you live.
  • Home Cooking – you may choose to employ someone such as a home care assistant, either to help you do your own cooking or to do it for you.  If you are recovering from an illness, bereavement or a stay in hospital there may be a reablement service in your area which could help you regain your confidence to start cooking again.
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